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ANTHROPOS Deep Security specialises in security risk management in volatile, unstable and insecure environments.


Any organisation needs to consider the impact that future events may have on its objectives. This is all the more difficult when deploying activities in volatile and unstable environments.


ANTHROPOS Deep Security argues that traditional security risk management tools are ill-adapted. Past events and statistics do not announce sudden changes or surprises; they do not provide meaning and cannot signal the relevance of weak signals and outlier events. Organisations need to adopt a different approach.


The focus of ANTHROPOS Deep Security is on the environment in which disruptive events can take place, not on a given event per se. It sees such environments as characterized by complexity, uncertainty and non-linearity. Rather than trying to anticipate a given future event, organisations should, like an immune system, focus on developing the capacity to constantly adapt to the environment in which they operate and be ready to absorb and adapt to any kind of disruptive future event.

“The problem isn’t to prepare to avoid surprises, but to prepare to be surprised.”

(Todd LaPorte)

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