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ANTHROPOS Deep Security provides operable advice that integrates duty of care, security risk management and operational objectives.


ANTHROPOS Deep Security sees security risk management as an enabler – not an inhibitor – of safe and sustainable operations to achieve an organisation’s objectives. Likewise, it considers duty of care not as a legal hurdle but as an approach to optimize individual and organizational trust and effectiveness.

Likewise, it considers duty of care not as a legal hurdle but as an approach to optimise individual and organisational trust and effectiveness. Further, it allows to clarify responsibilities and the locus of decision-making.


The duty of care is a legal obligation imposed on an individual or organisation requiring them to adhere to a standard of reasonable care while performing acts that present a reasonably foreseeable risk of harm to others.


Apart from compliance, duty of care is a fundamental concern for any organisation that takes the safety, security and welfare of its people seriously. This is particularly demanding for deployments in volatile, unstable environments such as fragile and conflict-affected areas.


There is a degree of convergence between duty of care and security risk management. Due safety and security management is a key element in fulfilling obligations under the duty of care. Both aim to ensure that all reasonable and practicable measures for managing foreseeable adverse events are in place.

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