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An ‘ecology of risk’ describes the system of dynamic relations and interactions in which singular risk events take place.


Risks are generated in and by a political, conflictual, social and economic ‘ecosystem’ which is dynamic and constantly evolving. Risk is also affected by the behaviour of an organisation within a given environment; risk can also be self-generated.


ANTHROPOS Deep Security helps organizations to unpack the many facets of their risk environment and illustrate the relations and dynamics. This forms the basis to develop adapted solutions for operating in these environments in a reasonably reliable and sustainable manner.


However, one should recognise that analysis will always be partial and incomplete; to not recognise this is a risk factor in itself. A degree of uncertainty is a given and surprises will occur. Volatile environments do not follow regular, predictable pathways – their dynamics are more complex. An environment that behaves as a complex system has drivers and stimuli, internal dynamic interactions, pathways and outcomes that are only partially known and knowable. Only hindsight and retroactive analysis can bring more clarity and understanding.

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