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ANTHROPOS Deep Security concentrates on tailor-made advice in which meaning and creative conversations take their rightful place next to technological and bureaucratic responses.

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ANTHROPOS Deep Security provides tailor-made advice, not off-the-shelf solutions. It is convinced that structured and creative conversations that focus on meaning and interpretation have their rightful place next to technological and bureaucratic responses. The aim is to forge intelligent, adaptive capacities that allow an organization to navigate in an unstable, insecure dynamic environment.


Any organisation needs to consider the impact future events may have on its objectives. And any organization needs a reasonable degree of robustness to protect against or absorb disruptive events. But the downside of robustness can be rigidity, which in itself is a risky attribute when operating in a dynamic environment with irregular and surprising developments.


ANTHROPOS Deep Security leads structured conversations with its clients about the various interpretations of the realities an organisation works and acts in. ANTHROPOS facilitates open and perhaps uncomfortable questioning. Joint analysis looks at the organization’s ‘ecology of risk’, and the organization’s internal characteristics and processes that affect or may contribute to risk.


ANTHROPOS Deep Security’s methodology and approach primarily addresses the policy level and is best suited to governance, the executive and senior operational staff. A condition for a fruitful collaboration is that clients make the time and resources available to enter into a genuine dialogue and are willing to be self-critical and to question habits and assumptions.


ANTHROPOS Deep Security’s role is to inject conceptual and methodological substance into meaningful dialogue with clients and practitioners to frame their experiences and capitalise on their competencies. The main challenge is not the design of tools and methodologies but to accompany the shift of the organisation’s mindset and leadership priorities.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

(Gregory Bateson)

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