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ANTHROPOS Deep Security concentrates on tailor-made advice in which meaning and creative conversations take their rightful place next to technological and bureaucratic responses.


ANTHROPOS Deep Security has coined the term ‘ecology of risk’ to describe the system of dynamic relations and interactions in which singular risk events take place. It informs an organisation's adaptive capacities.


Deep Security is our approach to develop an organisation's adaptive capacities to navigate in complex and dynamic environments. It is informed by the analyses of the organisation's specific 'ecology of risk'.


ANTHROPOS Deep Security provides operable advice that integrates duty of care, security risk management and operational objectives.


ANTHROPOS Deep Security is attached to humanist values, integrity and respect for the rule of law.


ANTHROPOS Deep Security works for organizations – corporate, government, multilateral and non-profit – that work in insecure, unstable or volatile environments.


A short selection of some of our publications that underlie and illustrate our views and approach.


ANTHROPOS Deep Security offers three types of services:

  • Support to governance

  • Advisory Services

  • Capacity building



“The problem isn’t to prepare to avoid surprises, but to prepare to be surprised.”

(Todd LaPorte)

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